Have you ever thought about how your Kubernetes cluster consumes your Google services? At Devgurus (a DMI company) we started this discussion some days ago (thanks to the Day-2 Operations) and we discovered an elegant solution using Workload Identity.


If you work in a containerized enterprise application orchestrated with Kubernetes (K8s), I’m pretty sure you faced issues and concerns about authentication and authorization, especially if you interact with other services. You can think this problem is easier to solve if the other services are in the same provider, e.g. resources like buckets or pub/subtopics in the same Google Cloud account…

In the DevOps practice the first stage shall always be the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) pattern. This usually affects only the Development and Operation teams: Terraform, CloudFormation, Cloud Development Kits, Ansible, Puppet… are tools well known in the IT world.

But what about Project Management? Do they create all the resources associated to a project using this approach? The answer is no. And here it is where DevOps methodology should emerge as a conglomerate of culture, practices and tools to improve it. …

Jose Antonio Hernàndez Martínez

DevOps Engineer 🧑🏻‍🔧 www.linkedin.com/in/joherma1

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